The stainless steel: Most sex toys are made of silicone, which is wonderful, hygienic, and often feels good

The stainless steel: Most sex toys are made of silicone, which is wonderful, hygienic, and often feels good

The Game-Changing Features

The design: The exaggerated curve of the Pure Wand, combined with its bulbous ends, basically makes this toy a magnet for internal orgasms. «I’ve taken this toy on [sex] dates and had friends try it,» says DiMartino. «It’s the cause of a lot of people’s first internal orgasm.»

Most women have trouble orgasming from internal stimulation alone. And while the Pure Wand doesn’t promise it’ll help you have an internal orgasm with absolutely no clit-touching, it can help you work up to it. «A lot of folks with clits need external stimulation or at least external warming up,» says DiMartino. «You can’t just take the Pure Wand home, lay down, insert it, and expect a good experience.» Like any type of penetrative sex, you’ll need to be properly aroused first, which will likely involve your clit0ris.

To make the Pure Wand work best for you, you’ll need to get fully aroused, use plenty of lube, and practice. «The more you try, the more likely it is that later, having an internal orgasm alone might work,» says DiMartino. «The pure wand, once you’re turned on, is better for internal orgasms because it’s so curvy, so bulbous, so heavy, and so smooth.»

The Pure Wand is different because it’s made from a solid metal, meaning it’s a great conductor of hot and cold. That makes it the perfect toy for temperature play-a kind of sex that’s all about heating things up or cooling them down.

You can stick your wand in the freezer to make it cold, or put it in a glass of hot water to warm it up. DiMartino suggests warming the wand up if you’re planning to use it during period sex or menstrual masturbation. «The warmth of the toy can help your muscles relax,» they say. That, plus the intensity of an orgasm, can wash your menstrual cramps away (hallelujah!).

The smooth texture: Another plus of the stainless steel: It creates way less friction than a silicone toy would, and that makes the experience hella smooth. «I had a baby, and I tore while giving birth,» says DiMartino. «The Pure Wand was the first thing I started using again for penetration after giving birth,» they recall. «The weight of the stainless steel actually helped break up some of the scar tissue through internal massage, and it was so smooth that I didn’t need to worry about friction that could cause further tearing.»

Even if you’ve never given birth, you’ll definitely appreciate the smooth texture-and immediately feel the difference between the Pure Wand and your silicone toys. But remember, even though it’s smooth, using lube will make it feel even better.

The bottom line: While the Njoy’s Pure Wand doesn’t vibrate, adding it to your toy chest might just be the key to having your most intense orgasm ever.

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You may also want to avoid this sex toy if you have arthritis or a disability that affects your grip or arm strength. The Pure Wand is a lot heavier than most other toys-it’s made of stainless steel, after all. That means it weighs about one and a half pounds, which doesn’t sound like much, until you’re holding onto it for 15 minutes while trying to build up an orgasm. This can take a serious toll on your arm, especially if your goal is learning how to squirt. «If squirting is not something that happens naturally for you, then you may need to explore for quite some time,» advises DiMartino. «So the Pure Wand may not be ideal for people who have a hard time holding something weighty.» (Fair.)

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